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Septic System Inspections In Lakeland Florida

Expert Septic System Inspections In Lakeland Florida

Are you purchasing a property and need an expert to provide a septic system inspection in the Lakeland, Florida area?  At Anytime Septic Solutions, Inc.  We offer thorough and detailed septic system inspection services.  Whether you're buying or selling real-estate or you just want to know the condition of your septic system and it's components, we can help you!

When would you need to get a septic system inspection?  There are typically two reasons why you might need a septic system inspection.

#1.  You're have a problem with your septic system such as a sewage backing up, toilets gurgling or not flushing, or foul odors coming up from your drains or around the septic tank or drain field.  If you are experiencing a septic emergency call (863) 397-0720 right now so we can dispatch help quickly.

#2.  You are either selling or purchasing a home or property with a septic system and you want an expert assessment as to the condition of the system and what, if any, repairs are going to be needed and an overall health assessment of the system so you know exactly what you're buying.

We offer our septic system inspection services throughout Polk County, Florida including Auburndale, Davenport, Haines City, Winter Haven, Plant City, Lake Wales, and Polk City.  For reliable and thorough septic inspection services, give our team at Anytime Septic Solutions a call today!

Septic System Inspections In Lakeland, Florida.

What Are We Looking For In A Septic System Inspection?

Performing a thorough septic system inspection is important to make sure the system is functioning properly and to identify any potential issues before they become major problems. Here are the key things our septic experts are looking for during one of our septic system inspections:

Septic System Location and Accessibility

Identify Components: We will verify the location of the septic tank, the distribution box, lift station (if you have one), the drain field, and any additional septic system components.

Accessibility: We will ensure that all access points, such as tank lids, clean-outs, and inspection ports, are easily accessible for maintenance and pumping.

Overall Septic Tank Condition

Structural Integrity: We will check the septic tank for any signs of cracks, leaks, or corrosion that could compromise its functionality.  This is typically only done with a full inspection as with the tank pumped we can get a good look at the inside of the tank.

Scum and Sludge Levels: We will measure the levels of scum and sludge to determine if the tank needs pumping. Excessive buildup will eventually lead to system failure.  Scum is the layer at the top of the tank.  Sludge is the layer of built-up solids on the bottom.

Inlet and Outlet Baffles: We will inspect the inlet and outlet baffles to make sure they are intact and not clogged and that wastewater is flowing.

Drain Field Assessment

Soil Saturation: We will evaluate the soil around the drain field for signs of saturation, standing water, or foul odors, which can indicate drainage issues.

Vegetation: We check for lush, green grass or other vegetation that may offer clues that effluent is surfacing, indicating a possible drain field malfunction.

Odors: We use our noses to detect any unusual or foul odors near the drain field, which can be a sign that the system is not properly processing the wastewater.

System Functionality

Water Flow: We test the water flow from the house to the septic system to ensure there are no blockages or slow drainage issues.  We will typically flush your toilets a few times and watch the flow of water.

Pump Operation: For systems with pumps, we check that the pump is functioning correctly and is capable of moving the wastewater to the drain field or secondary treatment unit.

Additional Components

Effluent Filters:  We inspect and clean effluent filters if present, ensuring they are not clogged and are filtering solids from the wastewater.  If you don't have an effluent filter we can install one for you.

Distribution Box: We examine the distribution box to ensure it is level and nothing is blocked, allowing even distribution of the effluent to your drain field lines.

Control Panel: For advanced septic systems with control panels, we verify that all alarms, timers, and electrical components are working properly.  We check electrical connections for signs of corrosion or loose connections.

Maintenance Records

Review History: We look at the maintenance and pumping records (if you have any) to understand the system’s past performance, what maintenance has been done, and any recurring issues.

Owner Education: We discuss proper maintenance practices and will educate the property owner on how to care for their septic system to avoid future problems and ensure the system lasts for a long-time trouble-free.

A thorough septic inspection can give you the peace of mind knowing that the septic system is in good working order.  We can address any immediate concerns, and provide recommendations for ongoing maintenance.

How Much Does A Septic System Inspection Cost In Lakeland Florida?

A septic system inspection in Lakeland, Florida, will typically range from $100 to $500. The exact cost for an inspection can vary based on the type of inspection.  Is this a basic visual inspection or do we need to pump out the tank for a full inspection?  If you are having some problems with your septic system often a basic inspection can be enough to figure out what's wrong.  If you are about to purchase a property with a septic system, we'd recommend a full septic system inspection so you know exactly what you're purchasing.

Cost Considerations For Septic Inspections:

Inspection Type: A basic visual inspection is less detailed and therefore less expensive.  A comprehensive inspection, which would include pumping the tank to visually inspect the tank walls, inlets and outlets, and more, will be more expensive.

System Size: Larger septic systems or those with more complex components such as a lift station or aerobic septic system may cost more to assess and inspect.

Accessibility: If the septic tank and other components are difficult to access or their locations are unknown and we need to locate them, this can increase the cost.

Additional Services: Some inspections might require additional tasks like digging to access the tank or performing repairs, which will also add to the overall cost.

Typical Septic System Inspection Costs:

  • Basic Visual Inspection: $100 to $200.
  • Full Inspection (includes pumping): $250 to $500.

An annual inspection of your septic system is a good idea and cheap insurance against costly future repairs.  For a simple visual inspection you can pop the lid of your tank, ensure the effluent filter is clear, and walk around the drain field looking for pooling water or any foul odors.

For more detailed inspections it's best to call the professionals at Anytime Septic Solutions (863) 397-0720 or fill out our online form and we'll get right back to you.

Why Choose Anytime Septic Solutions For Your Septic System Inspection?

Larry Thompson - Owner Of Anytime Septic Solutions. Offering Septic Tank Pumping in Lakeland florida.
Larry Thompson ~ Owner Of Anytime Septic Solutions

We know you have dozens of choices when it comes to hiring a septic services company to perform a septic system inspection in Lakeland, Florida.  Here's what makes us different.

#1.  We're a family owned and operated local company.  We care about our community, and we care about our reputation for fast, reliable, honest, and fair septic inspection services.

#2.  We have a 4.9 star rating and over 130 reviews on Google showing that we consistently exceed our clients expectations.  We know that you'll be happy with our service!

#3.  We are your local septic system experts.  With one of our septic system inspections we can offer peace of mind and we can solve any and all problems you might be having with your septic system.  We've seen it all!

#4.  Our pricing is competitive and we always go the extra mile.  We won't leave until we've inspected every aspect of the septic system and we make sure all of your questions are answered and concerns are addressed.

To book your septic system inspection call the professionals at Anytime Septic Solutions (863) 397-0720 or fill out our online form and we'll get right back to you.

Do You Have Questions About Septic System Inspections?

A comprehensive septic system inspection includes several key steps:

  • Locating and accessing the tank: Inspectors will find the septic tank and open it.
  • Checking sludge and scum levels: The inspector measures the levels to determine if the tank needs pumping.
  • Inspecting the tank and baffles: They look for cracks, leaks, and ensure baffles are in place to prevent solids from escaping into the drain field.
  • Evaluating the drain field: This involves checking for signs of failure such as wet spots, lush vegetation, or foul odors.
  • Testing system components: For systems with pumps or additional treatment units, these components are also tested to ensure they are functioning properly.

A septic system inspection typically takes between 1 to 3 hours, depending on several factors such as the complexity and size of the system, the type of inspection being performed, and the ease of access to the septic tank and components.

Factors Influencing Inspection Time:

  1. System Complexity: Larger systems or those with additional components like pumps and advanced treatment units may require more time to inspect thoroughly.
  2. Type of Inspection: A basic visual inspection will take less time compared to a comprehensive inspection that includes pumping the tank, evaluating sludge levels, and testing system components.
  3. Accessibility: If the septic tank is difficult to access or requires digging to uncover lids, this can add to the inspection time.

Typical Timeframes:

  • Basic Visual Inspection: 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • Comprehensive Inspection (including pumping): 2 to 3 hours.

The inspection process involves several steps, including locating and accessing the septic tank, measuring sludge and scum levels, inspecting the tank and drain field, and testing any mechanical components.

Septic systems should be inspected every 2 to 4 years, depending on usage and system size. Regular inspections help identify issues early, preventing costly repairs and ensuring the system operates efficiently​.

Common signs that your septic system needs an inspection include:

  • Slow drains and backups: This can indicate that the tank is full or there is a blockage.
  • Foul odors: Unpleasant smells around the tank or drain field suggest that the system is not functioning properly.
  • Lush or wet areas: Patches of lush grass or wet spots in the yard, especially near the drain field, can signal a failing system
  • Real estate transactions:  If you are buying a property with a septic system and you are unfamiliar with the condition of the septic system or the location of the components, then a full inspection is a very smart idea.

You certainly can familiarize yourself with the locations of your septic components, learn how to check and clean the effluent filter, and occassionally walk around your drain field to inspect it for pooling water or foul odors.  However, that's about as far as most homeowners should go, and doing this once or twice a year can certainly help you spot issues early.  It is not a substitute for a professional inspection though.

Professional septic system inspectors have the expertise and equipment necessary to conduct a thorough inspection, ensuring all components are evaluated correctly and safely. DIY inspections can miss critical issues that could become very costly repairs in the future.

If your septic system fails an inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report outlining the issues. Common problems might include tank cracks, clogged baffles, or drain field failures. We will recommend necessary repairs required to bring the system back to proper function.


If you need an expert to inspect a septic system, we're the one call that can do it all!


Molly Matthews
Molly Matthews
April 24, 2024

I can’t say enough about Anytime Septic Solutions Inc! I woke up to a huge mess in my bathroom and kitchen this morning that didn’t seem to end! I have only been in this home for less than 6 months so this was absolutely shocking to me. I’m a renter so I contacted my Landlord who said they couldn’t get anyone out until THE NEXT DAY 2 PM! That would be over 24 hours with little to no access to running water. I posted a Facebook cry for help and had 2 comments recommending this company so I contacted them immediately! Megan answered my call and assured me someone could be out there by 6 pm TODAY! I was relieved! I gave my landlord their contact and just like she said, the truck rolled into rescue. The two men worked TEDIOUSLY until they knew we wouldn’t have this problem again and didn’t leave until it was completely fixed. I have seriously never been happier to leave a review. I will recommend Anytime Septic literally any chance I get. THANK YOU!🩶

Liz Encarnacion
Liz Encarnacion
April 9, 2024

Gave them a call about my septic tank malfunctioning, they came out the next day, very professional, I work nights so I slept through the whole time they fixed my problem, when they were done they sent me pictures of all the work that had been done! I would fully recommend these guys ! super professional and fast emergency service! Thank you 💪

Sirtoney D
Sirtoney D
March 30, 2024

So I live in rural Lake Wales and after years of flushing (non) flushable wipes started having some sewage pooling in the yard right above the septic tank. Called Anytime Septic out of Lakeland and they pumped the tank and told me it was a drain field issue and as soon as the tank refilled it would back up again because it wasn't draining properly. My options were either replace drain field completely 11,000, Or" water jet clean" the lines which is around 4,000. The septic system is 30 years old but I chose to jet the lines and it more pooling. Larry and Anytime Septic know what they're doing, look no further. Honest people.

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