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At Anytime Septic Solutions, Inc., we are your local lift station repair experts.  Our expert team provides a wide range of lift station repair services, including pump repair or replacement, electrical repairs, control panel repairs, float switch replacements, and lift station alarm troubleshooting.

Whether you're dealing with minor issues or major system failures, we are here to diagnose and fix your lift station problems efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Trust us to deliver prompt and reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our lift station repair services and how we can help maintain the efficiency and reliability of your system.  We pride ourselves on our 4.9 star rating which we have earned by delivering high-quality, professional, and fair septic system services.

We offer our professional lift station services throughout Polk County, Florida and including Auburndale, Davenport, Haines City, Winter Haven, Plant City, Lake Wales, and Polk City.  For fast help with your septic system give our team at Anytime Septic Solutions a call today!

Anytime Septic Solutions Specializes In Lift Station Repairs In Lakeland Florida.

What Lift Station Repairs Can We Help You With?

At Anytime Septic Solutions, Inc., we understand the critical role lift stations play in your wastewater management system. We are here to help and we can solve a wide variety of common lift station problems and we can do it quickly too!

Lift Station Pump failures are one of the most frequent issues we are called about. When your lift station pumps fail, wastewater cannot be moved from lower to higher elevations, leading to backups and overflows. We provide fast and efficient pump repairs or replacements to quickly restore normal operations.

Lift Station Alarms can also cause significant concerns if you aren't familiar with what they mean. Your lift station alarm alerts you to problems like high water levels or pump malfunctions. Frequent false alarms or non-functioning alarms can cause confusion and even missed warning signs. Our team can troubleshoot and repair lift station alarm systems, ensuring they accurately reflect the status of your lift station.

Lift Station Electrical problems such as power surges, faulty, corroded, or loose, wiring can disrupt the operation of your lift station, causing pumps to fail or control panels to malfunction. We can diagnose and repair electrical issues with your lift station, including wiring, control panels, and power supply problems, to restore proper function.

Clogged or blocked pipes can reduce efficiency and cause overflows. Debris, grease, and other materials can clog the pipes in your lift station. We can clean and clear blockages using our jetter to restore optimal flow and prevent future clogs.

Wet well cleaning or pumping is essential to remove accumulated solids and debris that reduce capacity and efficiency. We offer thorough wet well cleaning services to maintain the functionality of your lift station.

Control panel malfunctions can lead to incorrect pump operation and system failures. The control panel is essential for managing the operation of your lift station. Our technicians repair or replace faulty control panels to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Float switch failures can cause pumps to turn on or off at the wrong times, leading to overflows or dry runs. Float switches monitor the water level in the wet well and control pump activation. We repair or replace malfunctioning float switches to ensure accurate water level monitoring and pump operation.

Structural damage such as cracks or leaks can compromise the integrity and efficiency of your lift station. We assess and repair structural damage to ensure the lift station is secure and fully operational.

Routine maintenance is often overlooked, leading to unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. We provide comprehensive maintenance services, including inspections, cleaning, and component checks, to keep your lift station in top condition and prevent future issues.

For reliable and professional lift station repairs, contact Anytime Septic Solutions, Inc. Our experienced team is equipped to handle all your lift station needs, ensuring your system operates efficiently and effectively.

If you need lift station repairs please call (863) 397-0720 or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you promptly to schedule a time to provide services.

Why Choose Anytime Septic Solutions For Your Lift Station Repairs?

Larry Thompson - Owner Of Anytime Septic Solutions. Offering Septic Tank Pumping in Lakeland florida.
Larry Thompson ~ Owner Of Anytime Septic Solutions

We know you have dozens of choices when it comes to hiring a lift station repair company in Lakeland, Florida.  Here's what makes us different.

#1.  We're a family owned and operated local company.  We care about our community, and we care about our reputation for fast, reliable, and fair lift station repair services.

#2.  We have a 4.9 star rating and over 130 reviews on Google showing that we consistently exceed our clients expectations.

#3.  We are your local lift station repair experts.  We can solve any and all problems you might be having with your lift station.  We've seen it all!

#4.  Our pricing is competitive and we always go the extra mile.  We won't leave until we've solved your lift station problems or have a clear plan in place to solve your lift station problems before leaving your property.

If you need our professional lift station repair services please call (863) 397-0720 or fill out our online contact form and we'll get right back to you.

Do You Have Questions About Lift Station Repairs?

A lift station, also known as a pump station, is essential for moving wastewater from lower to higher elevations, especially in areas where gravity alone cannot facilitate the flow. This is needed for preventing sewage backups and ensuring efficient wastewater management in both residential and commercial settings.

The duration of lift station repairs depends on the complexity of the issue. Simple repairs like float switch replacements or alarm troubleshooting can be completed within a few hours, while more extensive repairs, such as pump replacement or major electrical work, may take several days.  We usually have the parts required on hand and can fix your lift station as fast as possible.

Lift stations should be inspected at least annually, but more frequent inspections (every 3 to 6 months) are recommended for high-use systems. Regular inspections help identify and address potential issues early, ensuring reliable operation and preventing costly failures.

Lift station maintenance services typically include:

  • Inspecting and cleaning the wet well
  • Checking and servicing pumps and motors
  • Testing and calibrating control panels and alarms
  • Inspecting electrical connections and components
  • Removing debris and obstructions

If your lift station alarm goes off, it indicates a potential issue such as high water levels, pump failure, or a blockage. Contact Anytime Septic Solutions (863) 397-0720 and we can dispatch a technician immediately to inspect and address the problem to prevent further damage or system failure.

Yes, lift stations can be upgraded to handle increased capacity due to business growth or changes in wastewater volume. Upgrades may include installing larger pumps, expanding wet well capacity, or adding additional lift stations. A professional assessment can determine the best upgrade options for your needs.

In the event of a power outage, having a backup power source, such as a generator, is important to maintaining lift station operation. Ensure that the backup system is regularly tested and maintained.

Yes, Florida has specific regulations for the maintenance and operation of lift stations to protect public health and the environment. These regulations cover aspects such as design, installation, maintenance schedules, and emergency procedures. It's essential to work with a service provider familiar with state and local regulations to ensure compliance.

A float switch monitors the water level in the wet well and activates the pump when the water reaches a certain level. It ensures that wastewater is efficiently moved to higher elevations, preventing overflows and maintaining system functionality.

Signs that your float switch may need replacement include the pump not activating or shutting off as it should, frequent cycling of the pump, or visible damage to the switch. If you notice these issues, it's important to have a professional inspect and replace the float switch if necessary.

Common issues include faulty wiring, power surges, malfunctioning relays or timers, and software glitches. These problems can lead to incorrect pump operation, system failures, and potential overflows.

If your control panel fails, contact a professional lift station service provider immediately. They can diagnose and repair the issue, ensuring your lift station returns to normal operation quickly. It is also advisable to have an emergency backup system in place to manage wastewater during outages.

Yes, control panels can be upgraded with more advanced technology to improve performance, increase efficiency, and provide better monitoring and alert systems. Upgrades can include modern sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and remote monitoring capabilities.


If you need help with your lift station, we're the one call that can do it all!


Molly Matthews
Molly Matthews
April 24, 2024

I can’t say enough about Anytime Septic Solutions Inc! I woke up to a huge mess in my bathroom and kitchen this morning that didn’t seem to end! I have only been in this home for less than 6 months so this was absolutely shocking to me. I’m a renter so I contacted my Landlord who said they couldn’t get anyone out until THE NEXT DAY 2 PM! That would be over 24 hours with little to no access to running water. I posted a Facebook cry for help and had 2 comments recommending this company so I contacted them immediately! Megan answered my call and assured me someone could be out there by 6 pm TODAY! I was relieved! I gave my landlord their contact and just like she said, the truck rolled into rescue. The two men worked TEDIOUSLY until they knew we wouldn’t have this problem again and didn’t leave until it was completely fixed. I have seriously never been happier to leave a review. I will recommend Anytime Septic literally any chance I get. THANK YOU!🩶

Liz Encarnacion
Liz Encarnacion
April 9, 2024

Gave them a call about my septic tank malfunctioning, they came out the next day, very professional, I work nights so I slept through the whole time they fixed my problem, when they were done they sent me pictures of all the work that had been done! I would fully recommend these guys ! super professional and fast emergency service! Thank you 💪

Sirtoney D
Sirtoney D
March 30, 2024

So I live in rural Lake Wales and after years of flushing (non) flushable wipes started having some sewage pooling in the yard right above the septic tank. Called Anytime Septic out of Lakeland and they pumped the tank and told me it was a drain field issue and as soon as the tank refilled it would back up again because it wasn't draining properly. My options were either replace drain field completely 11,000, Or" water jet clean" the lines which is around 4,000. The septic system is 30 years old but I chose to jet the lines and it more pooling. Larry and Anytime Septic know what they're doing, look no further. Honest people.

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