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Ensuring the Health of Your Business Facility

Lift Station Services

Anything Septic Solutions Inc. provides comprehensive lift station services ensuring the seamless, secure, and efficient functioning of this crucial component within your septic system. With over 15 years of experience, we excel in delivering top-notch lift station pump installations, inspections, repairs, and maintenance services for our valued residential clients.

Are you experiencing septic system problems, but uncertain if they stem from the lift station or another part of the system? Is your lift station pump alarm persistently triggering, leaving you puzzled about the cause? Whatever the concern, our team offers prompt and courteous assistance, swiftly diagnosing and resolving any lift station issues you may encounter.

Lift Station Repairs

Anytime Septic Solutions Inc. offers comprehensive solutions for lift station issues, whether it’s repairs or installations. If you suspect a problem with your residential lift station, we can conduct a septic inspection to identify the root cause, which could be a leak within the lift station, pump failure, or another issue.

Keep an eye out for these indicators that may signal a lift station problem:

  • Multiple sinks and tubs backing up or draining slowly.
  • Inefficient flushing or overflowing of multiple toilets.
  • Wet patches of ground above or near your septic system.
  • Lush and unusually healthy grass over or around the system.
  • Strong sewage odors inside or outside your home.

For lift station installations, our experienced team brings years of field-tested expertise to every project. We are well-versed in various lift station types and fully aware of the code requirements mandated by the State of Florida and local city governments.

As a licensed Florida septic contractor with full insurance coverage, Anytime Septic Solutions Inc. ensures your protection. We take pride in conducting all septic services with our in-house crews and never subcontract any part of the job. Whether it’s replacing old, damaged lift stations or installing new ones for construction projects, we are your reliable and competent choice.

Brief Lift Station Overview

In simple terms, a lift station pump is a vital component responsible for moving sewage and drainage from homes or business facilities into the septic system. These stations are necessary when the natural gravity alone cannot propel the waste to its ultimate destination, which is the drain field.

If the land on which the building stands is sloped, causing the septic system to rise away from the building, managing drainage without a lift station would be impractical. However, with a lift station in place, the septic tank automatically empties when it reaches a specific level, allowing the liquid waste to continue its journey.

Lift Station Inspections

Before undertaking any repair or installation work, our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your lift station to assess the situation accurately. Regular inspections, whether or not issues are evident, are a crucial aspect of proper septic system maintenance.