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A Crucial Step for Your Lakeland Home

Drain Field Inspection

Are you facing drain field issues in your Lakeland-area home? Perhaps you’re experiencing septic system problems, but you’re unsure if the drain field is the root cause. Or maybe your drain field has surpassed 25 or 30 years in age, warranting a thorough inspection. In any of these scenarios, scheduling a drain fields inspection is the first and most important step.

With over 15 years of experience in inspecting, repairing, and installing top-notch drain fields, Anytime Septic Solutions Inc. is a licensed septic contractor that truly cares about you and your property. We possess comprehensive knowledge of drain fields and their intricacies.

Understanding Drain Fields

A drain field comprises a series of perforated pipes installed near your septic tank. Its primary function is to receive liquid waste from the tank and filter it into the surrounding soil.

Drain Field Inspection

Causes for Drain Field Damage

Several factors can lead to drain field damage, including:

  • Heavy items or vehicles placed above or near the drain field, causing potential pipe crushing and leaks.
  • Invasive roots from nearby trees and foliage affecting the drain field pipes.
  • Solid waste or grease escaping the septic tank and causing clogs in the drain field.

Do You Require a Drain Field Inspection?

Certain signs typically point to drain field issues, such as:

  • Soggy patches of grass above or near the drain field.
  • Unusually vibrant grass growth exclusively over the drain field area.
  • Foul sewage odors permeating the air around the drain field.

Should you encounter any of these signs, don’t hesitate to schedule a drain-field inspection with our expert team.

Reliable Drain Field Solutions

Rest assured that Anytime Septic Solutions Inc. is here to address your drain field concerns promptly and effectively. Our exceptional crew ensures that all work is performed meticulously and adheres to regulations, providing you with a top-performing septic system once more.

Contact us today to schedule your drain field inspection and find the best solutions for your septic system needs.